Welcome to Ventring!

We are just getting started here but it's going to be great...

If you are a monk, stop reading now... For everyone else, welcome to Ventring.

Finally, a marketplace of like-minded adventure seekers that understand that nothing quite works like being able to unleash hell onto an inanimate object with a sledgehammer, take off at Mach 5 in a sleek Tesla, base jump or maybe even sky surf. Oh sweet release! Welcome to Ventring, you have arrived.

Founded by those who know frustration (we are coders) and crave release (we are still human), Ventring is AirBnB for the adrenaline junkie. Our goal is to match those that have an adventure to offer with those that crave it. That's it!

It's pretty simple guys:

For Service Providers -

If you have something to offer that fits one of our categories, list it and adrenaline seeking patrons will find your offering and book it directly through the platform.

For Adventure Seekers -

If you have rage, angst, frustration... you get the point, browse our listings or search for something specific and book it directly through the platform.

Who should be using Ventring?

If you have indoor space, a backyard, an endless supply of junk or all of the above, host a rage party and list it here on Ventring using "List something!" link above.

If you have junk that even the most degenerate garage sale can't sell, give it away here for someone's destruction pleasure. If you have junk that is worth "something", sell it here. At least it will enjoy a good Spartan death.

If you are in your car and the prick in front of you is enjoying pumping his brakes purely to enrage you, pull over and look for a rage party near you right now!

If you have cool gear to sell or give away (anything from airplanes to trampolines to helmets), post them here.

If you own a business or can provide a service that in any capacity helps people cope with their stress and/or provides an adrenaline rush, you found the perfect place to list your services. Think of it as AirBnB for the adventure seeker.

If you are a connoisseur of thrill and have specifics in mind, put your request out to the community.